It’s Never Too Early to Be Bilingual |


The study of language is vital, and, contrary to most beliefs, can be learned by young and old. The boundaries many have thought of as a limit do not really exist. It depends on how we are taught. Some may want to teach slowly, while others go fast. Some may be against the rules in the language, while others stick strictly to the guidelines.  We may use the Internet or the classical method.  The key is to persevere. Human kind is developing innovative ways to learn, especially with technology, making the task of the learner is becoming easier.

The conventional method of evening courses, software, Internet, and many more methods promise working wonders. You could learn in three months or three weeks, which is a tempting offer in a pressing world.However, satisfaction is not guaranteed, not to mention how easily people get bored.

French is a beautiful but sophisticated language so it is important to force yourself to consistently sit with a French instructor and learn on a regular basis and also practice it daily.

Learning a foreign language in this day and age can enhance your chances of increasing your earning power. You can have the satisfaction of having learnt a new language as well as making money with this newly acquired skill. Research has shown that new neurons are created when you learn a foreign language, which in turn can help keep your mind young.

The job market is no stranger to this passion for foreign languages, and many employees who have completed their studies for a long time, start learning a second language. Indeed, companies are looking more and more profiles with international experience, who know one or two foreign languages. Faced with a labor market increasingly competitive, knowledge of a second language becomes imperative. The best method of learning, welcomed by all those who tested, is to attend a language depending on the requirement. However, although effective, it is not within the reach of everyone, for various reasons, including personal and financial. These days’ school and college and curriculum mandate learning a couple of foreign languages and so it is very common to find young people being exposed to foreign languages. However, there are times when a recrudescent retiree embarks on this adventure.

“Until the age of 17 I spoke only English. I learned French for 10 years in school but I could hardly say anything. It was then that I realized that I would never learn by traditional methods. So I developed my own methods of language acquisition, which you can now use “. -Laura 21, Miami, Florida.