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Effective language education lies primarily in teaching languages in the very same manner students learned their native language. French can be a very intimidating and confusing language to learn but I feel my approach to teaching is the most effective way to get my students speaking French as soon as their first lesson.



My method consists of lessons designed around listening and repetition rather than note taking and memorization, which at times can be the reason why a student never truly retains the new language. This is achieved by teaching the language through dialogue and conversation which engages the student to create memories from the lesson rather than memorizing the material.

The teaching philosophy of Best French Tutor is founded on ideas I picked up through my own experiences in learning new languages. Learning is about identifying what we do not know so that we can understand it. This process involves training specific "muscles" in our brain through repetition until this new information becomes natural to us. Learning is optimized through creative teaching methods, which consist of disseminating information through fun and think-outside-the-box approaches

In teaching, my primary concern is to identify my students weaknesses and provide solutions so they move forward successfully and with a strong foundation of the material they initially struggled with. Confidence is after all the greatest contributing factor to a students success.

It is equally important to me to ensure students develop proactive and healthy learning and study skills, which will stay with them the rest of their lives. This ensures they are always motivated to improve their skill and knowledge base.

I am a strong believer that being multilingual opens doors. As a child learning your native tongue introduced you to the world. As an adult, learning a new language opens your eyes to a new culture, food, people and history. Don not limit yourself to one tongue. Learn many. Choose Best French Tutor. We are located in Miami and Atlanta