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This agreement is made between BEST FRENCH TUTOR, herein referred to as the “Teacher”, and the “Student”, for French lessons rendered. This agreement is meant to clearly outline the responsibilities of the Teacher and the Student.


The Teacher will provide his services at the following address (unless otherwise noted):
3150 SW 38th Avenue - Suite 1309
Miami, FL 33147


If Student prefers to receive lessons outside of the location listed above, the Student must cover the Teacher’s commuter expenses (such as gasoline, parking and opportunity cost –indicated by the time / money the Teacher lost by commuting to / from the Student’s proposed location). Said costs will be incorporated into the Teacher’s hourly rate, and agreed upon verbally by the Teacher and the Student.


Classes must be purchased in advance, and paid in full, prior to Student taking the classes:

NOTE: The Teacher has the right to increase the cost of the program / session / class at his discretion. 
Upon purchasing sessions, the Student will receive access to an online account where he / she can track the number of credited sessions. The log will ensure the Teacher and the Student keep track of all completed sessions. The Student may purchase additional sessions by accessing his / her account online as needed.


Payment for courses and lessons must be made by credit card only. Each Student’s credit card will be registered on file. No check or cash will be accepted.
When the Student reaches “zero” sessions (no courses remaining) on their online account, a new charge of the same amount will be processed and the number of the lessons will be automatically credited to the Student (for example, if the Student was purchasing four sessions at a time, then a four session package will be charged to the Student’s account). The Student has a right to a refund ONLY when an automatic payment was processed (as indicated above), at this point the Student can also waive the automatic renewal option to avoid future charges.


Upon agreeing on a meeting time, the Teacher and Student make a commitment to respect the meeting time. If the student arrives a few minutes late, he / she will only receive the remaining minutes of the class. If the teacher arrives a few minutes late, the time of the class will begin upon his / her arrival, and the teacher will provide a full 60-minute session.


NO REFUND of the Enrollment Fee will be made to any Student who withdraws from classes after the first week of instruction.
If for any reason the Student has pending classes and postpones them for a period of more than one week, the Teacher is not responsible for teaching those missed hours or reimbursing the money paid for them. Upon the Student’s return, if the Student decide to continue with the classes the Student will have to buy additional classes.
Student Absences
The Student takes responsibility and makes a commitment to receive classes during the dates and times agreed upon with the Teacher. The Teacher has blocked agreed upon day and time, and reserved it for the Student so as to ensure the Student always receives his / her class during his / her desired time. Therefore, it is important each Student understand that when sessions are purchased and schedules are agreed upon, the time commitment made by the Teacher is respected –given the time and day assigned to the Student has been reserved solely for that Student and the Teacher cannot offer it to any other Student. 
Each class package purchased yields a student one “excused” absence. For example, if Student purchases a package of four classes, the Student is allowed one absence (with 24-hour notice), no charge applies, and the Student will be allowed to reschedule that missed class. Should the student require more than two absences, he will be excused one absence, as indicated above, but the remaining absences will count as “class attended”, which means the student will lose the class, no rescheduling of classes is allowed at this point.    

Teacher Absences
The Teacher is in his right to postpone / cancel classes with notice. If the student has paid and classes are pending, these will continue immediately upon the Teacher’s return.
Should the Teacher be absent for any scheduled sessions, the Student will receive an “absence credit”, which means the student will be allowed one excused absence available to use in the future with Teacher.